Monks Of Doom @ LA's Cafe NELA

Monks Of Doom photo by Jessica Klausing

Monks Of Doom photo by Jessica Klausing

Monks Of Doom are back on tour. Yes, you read this correctly.

The surrealist progressive rockers are back in support of their newest album, The Bronte Pin. This album is the first of new material released in 25 years. The long wait, though highly frustrating, was indeed worth it. Victor Krummenacher (vocals, bass, and guitar), David Immerglück (vocals, guitar, bass, and mandolin), Greg Lisher (guitar), and Chris Pederson (drums, percussion) pulled listeners into a post-rock world of cryptic hysteria and psychedelic instrumentals at LA’s Café NELA.

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Interview with Victor Krummenacher of Monks Of Doom

I remember the first time that I listened to Monks Of Doom. Their album, Meridian, caught my wondering eye at the local music store. This album sounds like a psychedelic journey into a dark circus. I became hooked and had to get all of their albums. Each album spawns a different psychedelic journey through different worlds. 

Twenty years later, the Monks are back with a new album, The Bronte Pin.

Victor Krummenacher of Monks Of Doom and Camper Van Beethoven took time to chat about his new music and more. 

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