SONG REVIEW: Tim Lancaster - "Half-Life"

By Wanda Whitley

Tim Lancaster photo by Guy Roberts.

Tim Lancaster photo by Guy Roberts.

Listening to Tim Lancaster’s latest single, "Half-Life" has left me in joyful wonderment.

Tim Lancaster is a multi-instrumentalist, composer, and singer. His music spans the spectrum of pop-rock-psychedelic-punk to modern jazz. "Half-Life" is the second single off his debut album, Conspiracy. With Conspiracy, Tim created a genre-bending collection of tracks that utilize a carefully selected range of instruments, effects and production techniques. He even built a pedal board from scratch, imagining exactly how he wanted the fuzz to sound and how the distortion should roar.

There is so much to love about "Half-Life." The music itself is spooky-cool, an eerie, melodic sound that is all at once futuristic, yet it transports you to the past. With keyboards that pay homage to The Doors, some electric guitar riffs that whisper a little bit of Jimi Hendrix, drum beats reminiscent of the space-age beat of Billy Thorpe’s "Children of the Sun," to Tim’s smooth vocals and performance channeling a bit of Alice Cooper – this song is a trip to the past, present, and future.  

Yet with this pleasant transportation, "Half-Life" is truly Tim’s song and Tim’s song only. Such an eclectically-ethereal treat. This song is far-out for sure.  Far-out in a good way, man.  We are definitely feeling your presence with "Half-Life," Tim, and we are all the better for it!

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