Tetrarch @ West Hollywood's Whisky A Go GO

Tetrarch (from left: Ryan Lerner, Diamond Rowe, Josh Fore, and Ruben Limas).

Tetrarch (from left: Ryan Lerner, Diamond Rowe, Josh Fore, and Ruben Limas).

Tetrarch is a Nu Metalcore band on the music radar in Los Angeles. After interviewing Diamond Rowe and Ryan Lerner back in 2011 for the EP, The Will to Fight, I have been dying to see Tetrarch live ever since. Reminiscent of Metallica and Korn, Tetrarch boasts self-reflective lyrics and jackhammering melodies. If you’re a fan of the intense and emotional, then look no further.

Tetrarch recently finished their Summer/Fall tour with DevilDriver, 36 Crazyfists, Cane Hill, and Uncured. I managed to see Tetrarch open the show on Wednesday at West Hollywood’s Whisky A Go Go.

Check out the concert review!

Tetrarch's new album, Freak, is currently number three on the iTunes metal charts! You can stream it on iTunes, Google Play, and Spotify.

Interview with Courtney Lavender of Xs & ARROWs

Xs & ARROWs photo by Zoran Orlic.

Xs & ARROWs photo by Zoran Orlic.

 Xs & ARROWs are about to take over the Los Angeles music scene. You may remember the band, formerly known as EXIT, joining U2 on stage in 2001 and again in 2005 at the Staples Center for a legendary performance of “Out of Control.”

Check out our interview with lead singer Courtney Lavender HERE.

Xs & ARROWs offer a unique acoustic rock soundscape that seems to marry the California desert to the spirit of Ireland. Their debut EP, From Here will be available in October 2017. The new single, “Questions,” featuring Irish musician Glen Hansard, is currently available to stream on Soundcloud.

EP REVIEW: Drake Bell - Honest

Written by Jessica Klausing


Drake Bell returns with an eclectic pop sound for his new EP, Honest. The former Nickelodeon star aims to branch out from his trademark rockabilly swagger to something more “light and fun.” This EP is just that, and more thought provoking than any of Bell’s previous releases.

The first track, the titular “Honest” is a wear-your-heart-on-a-sleeve romantic confessional with “Spread your love like a wildfire/Wanna breath you in like smoke/Why do I have to let you go?/Not saying I’m perfect/At least I’m honest.” The melody sounds like something off of the Kings of Leon’s Only by the Night album (I get the “Use Somebody” vibes here).

“Leaves” follows with an electronic percussion before sonically evolving into ambient transcendence. Bell bares vulnerability as he asks, “Is it brave to be this honest?”  The tender lyricism displays a beautiful and empathetic charm to this song.  

“Run Away” has a driving rhythm that is highly addictive. It’s a fun, road trip anthem about two young lovers running away together. Bell takes us along for the ride as he sings, “Sometimes we don’t need to run/We don’t need to hide/Don’t need to take our time when it’s on our side/Live life by the minute.”

Closing out the EP is “Rewind” which offers a valuable life lesson to worry less and live more. Bell croons about a woman constantly worrying about her boyfriend rather than enjoy life. “He can’t answer every time that you call/’Making something so big out of something so small.” What the song captures so effectively is the raw emotion and angst that comes from regret, the inevitable fate of human existence.  

Honest is a sonically brilliant EP and well worth the three year wait since Ready Steady Go! Drake Bell has grit complimented with a whole lot of heart. Every song has a different feel, there’s self-reflection and a psychedelic sensibility that’s blended effortlessly.

Recommended Tracks: “Leaves” and “Run Away.”

YARN @ NYC's American Beauty

Yarn photo by Todd Chalfant

Yarn photo by Todd Chalfant

Yarn played NYC's American Beauty last night. Check out our review HERE.

Yarn is an Americana band from Brooklyn, New York. The band formed in Brooklyn back in the mid 2000's and started playing shows in New York City every Monday night at Kenny's Castaways and every Wednesday night at Hill Country BBQ.

Yarn consists of Blake Christiana (Acoustic Guitar and Lead Vocals), Rod Hohl (Electric Guitar and Backing Vocals), Trevor MacArthur (Acoustic Guitar and Backing Vocals), Rick Bugel (Upright Bass), and Bobby Bonhomme (Drums).

Yarn shows are a bit different from the norm. The band feeds off the energy of the crowd and plays whatever they feel like playing. They don't use a setlist. It's crazy but makes for a unique one of a kind experience. Some songs clock in at three minutes and others clock in at 20 minutes. It could be a sing along, classic country, or even disco.

Yarn mixes a lot of different musical styles to create their signature sound. They don't follow any trends or write top 40 hits. They just do their own thing. They sound like they came out in 1972 rather then 2017. The band follows the Grateful Dead with epically long jam sessions. The best way to describe it is to go out to their shows and experience it for yourself.


Interview with zerrissen era

photo (2).jpg

Check out my interview with Arctic musician zerrissen era HERE.

zerrissen era is an indie multi-instrumentalist who crafts his eclectic songs in the harsh Arctic environment. During the winter months, he records in an amploo (an igloo lined with amplifiers) and in a Laavo during the summer. These studio spaces create a unique and ethereal sound. 

Check out his music! An album purchase helps fund the Arctic.


CD Baby




Briana Biatto

Briana Biatto is our first industry professional to be featured in the Know Your Pros section. Check out her story HERE.

Briana Biatto is a fitness instructor turned pop artist that has combined her passions to create the new genre, PopFit. The PopFit genre offers a variety of musical styles to workout to. It's not going to be limited to just peppy pop tunes. The fierce pop princess hopes to inspire healthier lifestyles through the power of optimism. 

"My theory is the more people in this world that can learn to love themselves, know their worth and really appreciate the person God made them to be then their relationships are going to change," said Biatto.

Check out her page for personal training sessions.

Check out her ReverbNation page for music.

THROWBACK: Backstreet Boys

Backstreet Boys are our Throwback Thursday band!

Check out my THROWBACK review of their official documentary and Top 5 songs.

Next year marks Backstreet's 25th anniversary. Over 130 million records sold worldwide has earned BSB the title of the best selling boy band of all time. The boys are still going as strong as ever. No tour dates have been announced yet. You can still catch their Las Vegas residency from November until February 2018.

Tickets HERE.

Backstreet Boys are even offering special Meet N Greet tickets! Get yours before they sell out!

ALBUM REVIEW: The Rationales - Upstream

Written by Jessica Klausing

“Go for what I’m after. Never mind disaster. Give the past a future. Where I find-- I’m ready to go!” This opening line on “Ready to Go” is the heart of The Rationales’ new album, Upstream. With songs of loss, regret, nostalgia, and longing David Mirabella makes you feel like you’re riding shotgun with him on the back roads in New England as he tells his stories.

Right off, you’ll notice David’s voice. It’s dreamy. It’s that reassuring voice you want to hear during an emergency protocol. Backed with Sean Black (bass), Mike Mirabella (drums), Chad Raleigh (guitars), David Lieb (keyboards), and Adam Hand (pedal steel), The Rationales deliver a lush rock sound that’s artistically conscious of Powerpop, Alternative Country, Americana, and the Blues, to name a few.

The sound of the electrifying guitar opener, “Ready to Go” is not your granddaddy’s rock n’ roll! This is driving, swirling with electronic sounds and heavy beats. That ripping guitar solo at the 1:52 mark gets the adrenaline pumped up for the rest of the album.

“Trade You” takes the rhythm into Dire Straits territory. That infectious groove takes hold and refuses to let go. It’s easily my favorite off the album. Beyond the sultry guitar licks are the melancholic lyrics. “I’ll trade you for your loss. I’ll trade you for your lies. I’ll trade you for your silence this time.” The song deals with someone always wanting to trade misfortunes with others. Think of it as those people who overshare on social media.

The album shifts gears for “Under the Gun,” a somber country tune about growing up to face responsibility. “All the While” kicks things up a notch again. David Lieb shines on this track with his saloon piano styling. The attitude and style of the track gives it a swanky 50’s rock vibe. “I’ve been lucky all along. Always getting what I want. You’re an ocean. I am open to be sinking like a stone.” Oh yeah, it's got plenty of attitude.

Another highlight was “Climb the Ladder,” which has seamless instrumental transitions. The song starts with an Americana sound as it segues into a piano breakdown. Mike Mirabella’s vocals layered over the piano chords gives it a haunting touch. It’s slow moving, but that changes as it gradually intensifies and gets a screaming guitar solo brought into it.

“Take a Ride with Me” gets back to the country roots found earlier in the album; Only this time a bit more Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers-esque. The song shows a desire to take a chance with someone or just take a ride to just see where it goes.

The final track “Dulcinea” is an emotional resonant song. David croons about a person so consumed with their own nostalgia that the fantasy takes over reality. Upon first listen my thoughts went straight to Miguel De Cervantes’ Don Quixote. A story of a man’s quest based solely on his mental exaggeration.

Upstream proves that The Rationales are well-seasoned musicians who love what they do. The guitar work on this album is on point with its electrifying riffs and solos that are just jaw dropping. Right from the opener I enjoyed the anticipation of what would come next. Give it a listen on your next road trip excursion.

The album will be available on August 3rd. You can pre-order now on the band's bandcamp.

The Rationales are having a special album release show on Aug 3rd at the Middle East in Cambridge, MA. Get your tickets HERE.

Recommended Tracks: "Ready to Go," "Trade You," "All the While," "Climb the Ladder," and "Dulcinea."

ALBUM REVIEW: Jourdan Myers - Ruin Me With Love

Written by Jessica Klausing

Jourdan Myers taps into an underrated pop territory. Many pop artists don’t venture too far from Electronica but Myers dares to explore. Her record weaves through Broadway, Industrial Rock, Classical, and bluesy anthems. Ruin Me With Love is a piano heavy, lyrically driven power punch about her struggles and the inner strength to persevere.

The piano rockin’ opener, “Lifetime or Before” sets the bar high for the album. The song is a fun, upbeat pop tune worthy of radio play. Myers’ angelic vocal chops soar over the heavy beats much like a Sara Bareilles song.

Myers breaks out her inner blueswoman for “Push Me on the Playground.” The song alludes to a childhood bully during recess. “Recess has become my worst enemy/You hide behind your smile now but soon you will be found out.” Well timed finger snaps, foot stomps, and percussion make up the back beat. The saxophone solo drives it into a fierce Jazz territory towards the end.

“Firelight” waxes the romantic poetic with “Dance me with your eyes. Sing me with your song. Drown me in your flood. Burn me with your fire. Quench my one desire. Ruin me with love.” Upon closer listen this song might not be as sweet as you think. The theme seems to touch on our animal magnetism towards falling in love.

“The Fight” stood out for its mechanical production. The song uses war imagery to metaphor overcoming any challenge. The tempo intensifies with Myers’ dramatic storytelling: “Charging up the hill and advancing with a yell and going for the kill.” With every gunshot and boisterous boom, you can just close your eyes and see a battle come to life.

“Wanderlust” returned to the piano-powered roots. This song was like a spirited continuation to the opening track. The album shifts gears again for “End of Me.” The intro crackles like an old phonograph but then rolls right into another somber waltz.

My favorite song is “Dusty Roses.” The song is a peppy little Broadway-esque tune about moving on from life’s disappointments. You just can’t help but sing-a-long to “You swear one of a kind, big blue eyes your heart is his forever but he is gone and in a storm with nothing left to sever. These thorns are in your side. Why the hesitation?”

The final track “Slow Motion” sounds like a continuation from the previous track, “Be Here.” The song digs into more mechanical background sounds. Personally, I tend to favor these tracks. I hope that Myers will expand more into the industrial side of the pop genre.

The album is compelling – Myers’ vocals are pitch perfect, the instrumentation is graceful and the lyrics are sweet and sharp.  I’m eager to see where Myers’ musical evolution will take us on the next record.

Recommended Tracks: “Lifetime or Before,” “Long Days,” “Push Me on the Playground,” “The Fight,” “Voice of Silver,” “Dusty Roses,” and “Slow Motion.”

Umphrey's McGee @ Central Park, NYC

Umphrey's McGee is one of the best live jam bands that I have listened to. Last year, My friend played "Cemetery Walk 2" off of one of their Hall of Fame albums for me. I'm convinced that catchy tune has changed my life. It's just pure feel good music. 

To quote my friend: "Whether you're a fan of Prog Rock, Heavy Metal, Psychedelic, Funk, Jazz or Electronic music-- Umphrey's McGee has you covered. The band easily weaves its way through lots of different musical styles sometimes all within the same song to create a sound all their own."

Check out his brief REVIEW.

Interview with Victor Krummenacher of Monks Of Doom

I remember the first time that I listened to Monks Of Doom. Their album, Meridian, caught my wondering eye at the local music store. This album sounds like a psychedelic journey into a dark circus. I became hooked and had to get all of their albums. Each album spawns a different psychedelic journey through different worlds. 

Twenty years later, the Monks are back with a new album, The Bronte Pin.

Victor Krummenacher of Monks Of Doom and Camper Van Beethoven took time to chat about his new music and more. 

Check out my INTERVIEW.


Kingdom Hearts Orchestra--World Tour

A Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour!?! Be still my beating heart.

Disney Concerts, Square Enix, and La Fee Sauvage have teamed up to bring this magical world of Disney and Final Fantasy to life! Celebrating its 15th anniversary, the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra brings together the game's director Tetsuya Nomura and composer Yoko Shimomura. Exclusive scenes and surprise appearances await fans on this spine-tingling adventure.

Check out my REVIEW.

You can purchase your tickets HERE.

Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Tour Dates:

Singapore – May 6 & 7, 2017 – Esplanade Concert Hall (Singapore) 

Kuala Lumpur – May 13, 2017 - Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre (Malaysia) 

Hong Kong- May 21, 2017 - AsiaWorld-Expo Runway 11

Los Angeles – June 10, 11 & 14, 2017 – Dolby Theatre (USA)

New York – June 24, 2017 – United Palace Theatre (USA)

Osaka – July 8, 2017 – ORIX Theatre (Tokyo)


Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band: No Issues With The Re-issues

Written by Brody Duggson

On May 26, 2017, the lyric “Twenty years ago today” turned fifty years old. 

The Beatles released Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band on May 26, 1967.  It was a Friday.  The album came out in the United States a week later. 

Why is this album so important?  Why should you care what four musicians did before you were born?  Before your parents were born?

What’s so important about music released prior to the advent of the internet and the rise of personal computers?  Why bother with an album that was recorded on magnetic tape and originally mixed in mono?

You should care because Sgt. Pepper is the greatest album of all-time.  Even if you don’t think it’s the greatest album of all-time, it’s been regarded as the greatest album of all-time for half-a-century.

It was the ipso facto start of the Summer of Love, a milestone for Baby Boomers, and the culture apex of the 1960s.

It was the first rock album to win a Grammy Award for Album of the Year.  It has sold more than 32 million copies.

In 2011, Rolling Stone magazine put it first on their list of the “500 Greatest Albums of All-time.”

If your favorite artist has ever recorded a concept album, or used the studio as an instrument, they owe a debt to Sgt. Pepper.  The album didn’t necessarily invent those techniques, but it certainly popularized them.

Therefore Sgt. Pepper has influenced, either directly or indirectly, current artists as diverse as U2, Green Day, and even Lady Gaga.

In fact, music historians often credit Sgt. Pepper with starting the “album era.”  If we accept this accomplishment, then the sphere of the opus’ influence increases even more.

Sgt. Pepper legitimize rock as an art form.  It laid the foundation for progressive rock and was the zenith of British psychedelia. 

Songs from Sgt. Pepper have been successfully covered by numerous big-name artists including Elton John, The Flaming Lips, Cheap Trick, Patti Smith, Sonic Youth, Thievery Corporation, Gomez, and Billy Brag.

It has survived half-a-century.  Not many things survive five decades.

Think about this: recordings celebrating their 50th anniversaries in 1967 were Billy Murray’s "Over There" and "Livery Stable Blues”—the first commercial jazz recording. 

There were no 50-year-old albums in 1967.  The album format was invented in 1952.

It’s highly likely that Sgt. Pepper will be celebrated in 2067.  Do you think the same can be said for Ed Sheeran’s Divide, Katy Perry’s Witness, or The Chainsmokers' Memories... Do Not Open?  No offense to those artists, but probably not.

Beyond all those accolades, it’s just a damn good record.  From the title track to its closer, “A Day in The Life,” the album has no weaknesses.  Every song is a classic.

To commemorate its 50th anniversary, Sgt. Pepper has been reissued via four versions: a single CD, a double CD set, a double vinyl collection, and a super deluxe edition that contains six discs.

Giles Martin, son of the Beatles producer, George Martin, went back to the original masters and made a stereo remix out of Sgt. Pepper’s original mono mix. 

The Beatles participated in the original mono mix.  They did not participate in the stereo mix.  So, this 50th anniversary edition allows fans to listen to Sgt. Pepper’s the way the band intended it to be heard (but in stereo).

If your budget allows, pick up the super deluxe edition.  It contains three discs of outtakes, instrumental versions, and mono mixes. 

These extra tracks reveal the genius of the Fab Four and provide listeners a glimpse into how the greatest album in the history of rock and roll was created. 

Longtime fans, many of whom bought the album when it first came out, have been blown away by the extras.  Fans are hearing sounds, riffs, and phrases they’ve never heard before.

The reason behind these sonic discoveries lies in how the Beatles recorded their music.  They played like an orchestra, with each instrument performing a different part.  When heard without the vocals, the songs of Sgt. Pepper sound very different.

For example, the chorus of their psychedelic masterpiece, “Lucy in The Sky with Diamonds,” sounds like garage rock sans John Lennon’s singing. 

That transformation, and others like it, allow longtime fans to experience the Beatles’ masterpiece in an entirely new way.  For new fans, the extras are a master class on how to make a rock album that’s impervious to the ravages of time.

If you’re a music fan, Sgt. Pepper’s should be in your collection.  The 50th anniversary re-issue is the perfect place to start.  It doesn’t detract from the original, it adds to it.


U2 on The Joshua Tree tour

The Edge photo by Harlene Dryden.

The Edge photo by Harlene Dryden.

U2 is currently on tour this summer celebrating the 30th anniversary of The Joshua Tree and performing the album in full from start to finish.

Yes, you read correctly!

These Irish rockers are performing their landmark 1987 album at a city near you. Songs like "Red Hill Mining Town" are finally getting played live. This is not a drill!

Check out my REVIEW.

Not a fan of standing around in line all day? Check out the VIP package. VIP members get early access into the venue, free food and beverages (Alcohol is not free), and a raffle for a chance at winning a backstage tour (I was one number off from winning! ONE!) and The Edge's guitar strings (They make stylish bracelets and necklaces). 

Interview with Justin Levinson

Growing up, 60's music was a staple in my household. While all the other kids followed 90's artists, I was engrossed with the classics.  I can fondly remember listening to The Monkees, The Beatles, and The Beach Boys on the way to school. There was such purity in the music back then. The focus was all about the lyrics and instrumentals. Sadly, this innocence is lost within most of today's top hits.

Justin Levinson is one of the few musicians that dare to dig back into the golden era of music. His newest album, Yes Man is a 60's stylized power pop that tells the story of a lost soul taken advantage by only being able to say yes. Levinson draws from his own personal experiences to make music that's authentic to him.

Check out my interview with Justine Levinson HERE. We discuss his new music, musical inspirations, and tour plans.

Essence at Hollywood's Hotel Cafe

Essence photo by Jessica Klausing

Essence photo by Jessica Klausing

"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent." -Victor Hugo

This quote has been in my head since I started this concert review. Music is an effective outlet for communication. I find it easier to express myself through a song or score than in person. It's also cheaper than therapy. I tend to fixate on the lyrics. Allusions are always fun but I can appreciate someone who just tells it like it is.

My musician friend invited me to check out Essence at Hotel Cafe last week. I fell in love with this singer-songwriter's bluntness upon first listen.  Her Nashville rich voice takes you on a folk journey through finding yourself after heartbreak. 

Check out my concert review HERE

Blake Morgan & Janita Return to Hollywood's Hotel Cafe

Blake Morgan and Janita. Photo by Jessica Klausing

Blake Morgan and Janita. Photo by Jessica Klausing

I discovered Blake Morgan through his #IRespectMusic Campaign.

This ethical movement has gained nationwide support in favor of the Artist Pay for Radio Play Act. Morgan stands firmly behind that all artists deserve to be paid for their work. He's a recording artist, record producer, and founder and owner of the ECR Music Group. He runs ECR under the moral principle that all of its artists and labels own one-hundred percent of their master recordings.

While on a national tour, Blake Morgan and Janita played a double headliner at Hollywood's famed Hotel Cafe last year. I was in awe of these two artists. Both are powerful vocalists with different musical genres but just click beautifully together.

This year, I was in glee to see the two returning for another gig at Hotel Cafe. I'm convinced that these two just get better each tour! I refer to these artists as the dynamic duo.

Blake Morgan has a bell pure vocal delivery, haunting lyrics, and is a graceful guitar and keyboard virtuoso.

His touring partner, Janita is a Finnish American singer-songwriter who has released her most recent album, Didn't You My Dear, through the ECR Music Group. She has a stunning blueswoman voice with a stellar guitar talent. 

Together they are simply magic.

Check out my concert review HERE.

Mimosa Music Series - Mt. Joy & Chuck Prophet and the Mission Express

Chuck Prophet photo by Jessica Klausing

Chuck Prophet photo by Jessica Klausing

I decided to spend my rainy Sunday afternoon in North Hollywood. Two things I learned:

1. LA drivers will always be the worst.

2. Gary Calamar hosts his free Mimosa Music Series once a month at NoHo's Federal Bar.

The Mimosa Music Series are lots of fun for music lovers of all ages! The event started out of Calamar's living room in Laurel Canyon but had to be relocated due to high attendance. Patrons may purchase a brunch or snack on the free bagels. Each month showcases talented local singer-songwriters. January featured Mt.Joy and Chuck Prophet and the Mission Express.

Mt. Joy is an upcoming folkish acoustic jam band making waves. "Astrovan" has already received an impressive 230,000 streams in just 10 days on Spotify. The duo is currently hard at work on an EP. Their lyrical metaphors and soulful ballads are not to be missed.

Chuck Prophet and the Mission Express are another Bay Area music legend on my radar. This band does not disappoint! Prophet plays old fashioned rock n' roll. The kind that takes you back to memorable melodies, vibrant instrumentals, thoughtful lyrics, and a whole lot of passion for the sake of the song! 

Read my concert review HERE.

Ryan Beaver and Dan Layus at the Troubadour

Ryan Beaver and Dan Layus played hauntingly beautiful sets at West Hollywood's Troubadour. Check out my review HERE.

Dan Layus photo by Jessica Klausing

Dan Layus photo by Jessica Klausing

I'll be the first to admit it-- I'm not much of an Augustana fan! I have seen them on tour a couple of times and the music just did not click for me. My music buddy Eric was the one that encouraged me to give Dan Layus's solo album a listen.

I was a bit hesitant at first but found myself quickly engrossed with Dangerous Things. The title track song blew me away with Layus's delicate vocals accompanied with the pedal steel and fiddle. The more I listened the more I fell in love with Layus. His vocals are tender enough to show off his vulnerability. You feel the heartbreak in "Destroyer," "Only Gets Darker," and "Call Me When You Get There." The minimal production really enhances the intimate experience.

Seeing Dan Layus live was as much of a treat as listening to his album. You can hear the sincerity in his voice, the lyrics paint a vivid picture of love and regret, and his melodies are simply beautiful. It really feels like he is playing just for you.

Another surprise of the night was the opener Ryan Beaver. An upcoming artist with a voice as big as his heart. If you love Americana and Roots then you are destined to love both of these artists!

DTCV & Guided by Voices at the Teragram Ballroom

DTCV and Guided by Voices rocked out the Teragram Ballroom in downtown LA! Check out my concert review HERE.

Guided by Voices perform at the Teragram Ballroom. Photo by Jessica Klausing

Guided by Voices perform at the Teragram Ballroom. Photo by Jessica Klausing

Guided by Voices may require a second listen. You'll notice that most of the songs are short or end abruptly with poor sound quality. Robert Pollard records his music like this on purpose. The band might not seem like much other than some bizarre experimentalists upon first listen.

I encourage everyone to re-listen to them but more closely. Pollard gets to the heart of the message instantly. No industry filler. No over-the-top lyrical metaphors. No bullshit. He just simply spits it out. The sound is heavily influenced by British post-punk and psychedelic rock. Pollard's work is a surrealist art form. He's brash with no interest to fit into the cookie cutter mold of rock perfection. Thankfully we still have a rebel in the music industry!

"Window Of My World" from Half Smiles Of The Decomposed is my favorite Guided by Voices song. Not all of their music is quirky and loud. Some of them have beautiful compositions. This band deserves a listen.