Vanessa "V" Fune - CEO of Tribe Unity

By Jessica Klausing

Vanessa "V" Fune.

Vanessa "V" Fune.

Meet Vanessa “V” Fune. An entrepreneur, a philanthropist, an entertainment guru and the founder of Tribe Unity. The company responsible for the production behind Hollywood Music in Media Awards, TBOZ unplugged, City Gala reaching all aspects of the entertainment industry from Film, Music to being a world changing influencer.

V created Tribe Unity with the sole purpose to change the world through people’s passions.

“Life is just too short to not live your passion. Everybody has a passion within them that I believe was instilled into them by the universe as their purpose. Even if your purpose is to play video games, if it makes you happy then that happiness puts out this positive vibration that spreads to others,” explains V.

V developed her passion for the entertainment industry growing up in the Philippines.

“My grandma had a restaurant in the Philippines where my mom used to sing. She used to force me to get onstage to sing with her. My mom was actually a famous radio DJ in the Philippines known as ILYJ. I used to go with her to work to answer the phones and take down song requests.”

V knew she wanted to do something within the music industry so she enrolled into the Musicians Institute to study Music Business.

In order to pay for the tuition V helped book gigs for many local artists at prestigious Hollywood club venues. V set out to learn as much as she possibly could within the business side of the industry. Her ambitious work ethic spread like wildfire around the campus with many students wanting to get involved.


V recalls, “I knew I was good at business but I did not exactly know what I wanted to do. But the most common job on the business side was managing. So I started managing an artist. While living out of my car. The only way I would shower was to sign up for free week gym memberships around town. I lived out of my little two door BMW. I would just go door to door to all these club venues and get to know these bouncers and then I would meet the managers and befriend them and would just inquire how to get my band on the stage. They would tell me how and I would just book them, and because I would book them so much the school found out and wanted to know how I was able to book them. So, while people were in class learning how to book artists and tours, I was already out there doing it because I had to. I had no choice. I knew I wanted to get into the industry and I knew I had to make money somehow. And as I kept booking the artists I just had all these students come up to me to ask how they could help me out and they just wanted to be a part of that. That’s kind of how Tribe Unity got started.”

V’s strong ambition led her to a promising internship with AEI Development, who represented top acts such as Miley Cyrus. V who started off as an assistant brought friends and other students into the projects she was involved in. Which led to building a tribes for Amber Melody and MIDI Mafia. V recalls spending many sleepless nights with her tribe of thirty-five people to help represent these projects like a small independent label.

“We weren’t called Tribe Unity in the beginning, I just referred to them as a tribe and it was only because this guy gave me a book called “Tribes” by Seth Godin. He said that I reminded him of that book. I called them all a tribe and we just started building different tribes.”

V helped develop different Tribes specifically for marketing, social media, and content developers. After seeing how competitive the industry was, V felt that it was more important for all of the tribes to work together rather than against each other.

“I was interested in just helping everyone build up their projects. What sets us apart is that we really are all about unity. We really are about uniting all of the different tribes and really realizing that it’s not about competition anymore. It’s all about making a difference and the only way to make a difference is for us to come together where it’s not about money and it’s not about who’s on top or whatever, it’s really just us coming together to make a difference together. I knew the only way to truly be successful in this industry is to work together with these other tribes and build with people I respected in the industry,” explains V.


Since 2010 Tribe Unity has built Tribes for artists, producers, film production companies, publishing companies, events, seminars and more. Current and past clients or Chiefs include mydiveo, City Gala, Island Block Radio, Lyrica Anderson, MIDI Mafia, Young Fyre, Art Ford Publishing, The Hollywood Music in Media Awards, TBOZ (TLC), Divya Creative, Conscious Media, REL-Event Series, Lyrica Anderson,Sonyae Elise, Kristine Mirelle and more.

V considers herself a ‘Jack-of-all-trades’ working relentlessly with clients to help fulfill their dreams whether it be producing a music video, directing, photography, booking gigs, coaching, event production or managing the project her experiences has allowed her to creatively work with all aspects of the entertainment industry.

“Creative entrepreneurs are coming up with new innovative ways on how to succeed in the entertainment industry.  Even the successful ones want continuous growth so tribes are needed more than ever.  But this whole thing Is really about us using our passion to make a difference in the world and start using our voices to influence each other in a more positive way.  It’s the only way to defeat the subconscious brainwashing we’ve been living in. Tribe Unity is not a normal company. We’re really just out here uniting tribes.” says V.

Big things are on the horizon for the Tribe Unity team.

Recently V and X Factor finalist Christina Mirelle embarked on a 27 city tour to schools across America spreading messages of positivity and helping the youth find their passion.Tribe Unity is also in the process of launching an app called TRUpassions.

“It’s not a money app. It’s energy for energy. This app allows people to take away that block that people have thinking that they can’t fulfill their dream because they don’t have money,” explains V.

With this app, V sees a world where people will be able to live their passions for purpose by creating unity and supporting people to live the life they dream of.

V shares her main advice for anyone wanting a career within the entertainment industry.


“Realize that it really is all about co-creating and manifesting things. You can manifest things all on your own. We are all very powerful and can manifest incredible things but once you start having a common goal and manifesting with others it definitely happens a lot quicker and easier and it’s a lot more fun. Just be open to opportUNITY and surrender to the calling of your TRUpassions..”

Looking to live your passions and align with a Tribe who supports you?

Join the Tribe Club to receive Bi-weekly coaching with industry professionals, exclusive invites to Social and Celebrity Events, and more.

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Heather Hudson - CEO & Owner of REVOLT WINE CO

Written by Jessica Klausing

Heather and Steve Hudson. Photo by Sydney Prather.

Heather and Steve Hudson. Photo by Sydney Prather.

Heather and Steve Hudson live by the motto to inspire others to follow their dreams through the power of wine and music.

Heather Hudson began her career working at the Soaring Wings Winery in Springfield, Nebraska where she developed a desire to learn more about the wine industry. In 2011 Heather and her husband moved to Napa Valley, California to pursue their winery dreams. Hudson earned her second degree in wine business at Sonoma State while working for the Fontanella Family Winery.

Hudson recalls, “When we moved to NorCal it was tough to leave our friends and family behind. After I got that degree and was working with that wonderful family, I just got inspired to want to start creating and sharing my own story. So, we decided to launch our own brand.”

In 2013 Heather and her husband launched WTF - Wine That’s Fun. During this time the Hudsons were vacationing in San Diego, and upon arrival fell in love with the SoCal beach scene. The couple decided then to base their brand out of San Diego where they happily remain to this day.

Of course, every new business must face some obstacles. WTF faced fierce competition against many top winery brands. Hudson tried various marketing techniques to stand out until she got the idea to incorporate music.

“I had a band reach out to me. They were doing their very first EP release. We got involved and thought it would be cool to send their EP and some band swag to our wine club members across the country. We got a lot of positive feedback and I just thought, ‘hey, we may be on to something cool here.’”

Hudson made the decision in 2016 to close WTF in order to re-brand the new label, REVOLT WINE CO that focuses solely on the connection between wine and music.

REVOLT WINE CO photo by Sydney Prather.

REVOLT WINE CO photo by Sydney Prather.

REVOLT WINE CO is not like your average winery. There is no tasting room, but instead the company has pop up tastings at live music events and various bars and restaurants that serve their wine. REVOLT WINE CO prefers to have their wine at music centered venues rather than just any bar.

“We like to offer Tasting and Ticket Takeover events. When we partnered with The Offspring – We popped up at Amplified Aleworks where we did complimentary samples of our wines. Anyone that bought a glass of our wine was entered in a raffle for free concert tickets,” says Hudson.

The Hudsons believe their brand should be all about making connections through drinking wine while listening to your favorite artists at local events.

Hudson explains, “My favorite part is getting to connect with people and sharing the product. We don’t sell direct to consumer. We hope that these pop up tastings will bridge the gap for anyone that wants to try the wine out first before making a purchase. We strive to make it a fun experience. It’s all about chilling with your friends at a bar or venue just listening to music while enjoying a glass of wine!”

Hudson credits her father for her love of music. She fondly remembers listening to classic rock with him in the car at a young age.

“I have just always enjoyed music. Music just like wine has the ability to take you to a moment. For me, if I hear a song I listened to in high school or played at graduation, whatever the occasion may be it always takes me back to that moment. I pair music with situations and wine has the same ability. You may crack open a bottle of wine and be like, ‘I remember when I used to drink this with these people.’ I just feel it has a deeper meaning than the surface value.”

Hudson’s brand has gained attention in the music and wine world by having partnered with many artists such as The Offspring, Atlas Genius, Pepper, Less Than Jake, Yellowcard, Cartel, and The Spill Canvas. The company also partnered with The Vans Warped Tour VIP party, was an active participant in the Wine Riot Chicago, and sponsored the Skateboard Marathon in San Diego, along with Rock Vs. Cancer event at The Gibson Showroom in Beverly Hills.

“Every quarter we partner with a different band. I do an interview and they will send in a handwritten note, T-shirt, wine opener, or some merch that we can include with our wine. We do this because I think it’s really powerful to crack open a bottle of wine and receive an inspirational note from your favorite band,” elaborates Hudson.

Heather Hudson photo by Sydney Prather.

Heather Hudson photo by Sydney Prather.

REVOLT WINE CO has three wines – CA Cabernet, Chardonnay, and Moscato. All of the wines fit every occasion, whether you want one for a night out, dinner, or to just enjoy a glass with your favorite song playing in the background. Hudson shares her favorite music recommendations for each wine.

“The Chardonnay is awesome. It’s been aged in stainless steel for a crisp and light taste. I would pair that one with an easy listening song, like something from 311. The Cabernet is a little more big and bold. It’s the kind of drink I like to prime with before a show. I would pair the music with something a little heavier like a classic rock or an Incubus song. The Moscato is a little sweeter. That one is kind of a ‘Sunday-turn-it-into-sangria-Funday’. I might pair that one with a 90’s pop tune.”

Hudson hopes to see her wine served at music festivals and concerts worldwide one day.

“My dream is to look into a crowd and see fans just enjoying the music and sipping on a glass of our wine. For us, it’s not about being a sophisticated brand. We serve our wine in stemless glasses. It doesn’t matter how you want to drink it as long as you drink it.”

Anyone in San Diego can currently enjoy REVOLT WINE CO’s wine at the Amplified Aleworks, 710 Beach Club, and Winston's OB.

Be sure to follow REVOLT WINE CO for upcoming news and tasting events.

Jack Austin - Fashion Stylist

Written by Jessica Klausing

Jack Austin photo by Rudy Astudillo

Jack Austin photo by Rudy Astudillo

Jack Austin is a Celebrity Fashion Stylist based out of Los Angeles, California, where he has worked with international talent such as Courtney Bingham, Joey Tierney, Kelly Cutrone, Jim Jenson, and Troy Jenson. His works have been published in top fashion publications worldwide.

Austin’s passion for styling started at a young age in Melbourne, Australia, where he was born and raised.

“I was three years old and telling my mother and grandmother what to wear and what not to wear,” recalls Austin. “Fashion is always changing and yet staying the same, that’s the beauty of fashion, it’s something frozen and yet moving forward in time.”

After working a few fashion gigs and internships, Austin gained the knowledge and expertise to follow his dream into the professional world of wardrobe styling. In 2011 he headed to Los Angeles to study at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, where he earned his degree in Merchandise Product Development.

“I wanted to come to LA because I wanted to see what the world has to offer. I love how fashion in the US is translated into the masses – where it you start from fashion week and then finally into the Boutiques.”

Photo by Andrew Gallery

Photo by Andrew Gallery

Not long after graduation he took on the Head Stylist position for Astudillo Photography working alongside celebrity photographer Rudy Astudillo. Austin’s most recent project is the YCO Active Launch LookBook.

The YCO Active line strives to empower women through their warrior-esque workout line. Austin explains that the inspiration behind the style is for “women to release their inner warrior and to be their own kind of badass.”

“I see women being a girlboss in their field. The type of women I envision to wear this clothing brand are unapologetic for their ways, like Kerry Washington and Reese Witherspoon.”

The competitive fashion world is more than just glamour. Stylists spend countless hours on meticulous research and collaborations with clients. Austin and his team create detailed mood boards then schedule casting calls. Austin compares this grueling process to filming a movie. It takes a keen eye and patience to bring an artistic vision to life.

Photo by Jack Austin

Photo by Jack Austin

“People have these beliefs that fashion is this amazing thing, which it is. However they seem to think it’s an easy career to succeed in, and when you do your first internship to get coffee for your boss or collecting sample fabric from vendors you see how hard the fashion industry is. I loved every moment in the fashion industry. It’s something that is a part of me and it’s who I am.”  

Austin says he keeps up to date with current trends just by getting out and people watching.

“I love going to coffee shops in Venice or Melrose and watch the people walk by. I sometimes take photos of their outfits because it’s so different. Another great way in finding current trends is by watching TV shows that rely heavily on fashion. Pretty Little Liars was a huge trend watching show for me, Mandi Line, the show’s costume designer, did an amazing job in capturing the trends! Fashion is always changing. With the world of social media, something is in one day and out the next. It really keeps you on your toes.”

Whether it’s a Hollywood starlet for a prestigious photoshoot or someone looking for a wardrobe update, Jack Austin devotes his time and interest in all aspects of the fashion world. He gives each of his clients a high level of respect and attention, ensuring him future achievement in the industry.

Check out Jack Austin's official website.

You can follow Jack on Instagram.

Briana Biatto - Fitness Expert & Music Artist

Written by Jessica Klausing

Briana Biatto is not your average pop star.

She’s a certified fitness instructor that’s about to revolutionize the music industry. Biatto combines her love of pop music and gym workouts to create the new genre, PopFit.  Biatto hopes this new genre will inspire healthier lifestyles.

“My big picture aspiration for the world is to lower obesity and divorce rates and to spread love worldwide with my PopFit movement.  This movement inspires people to be healthy physically, mentally, and spiritually.  When someone is healthy physically, their mentality changes; you are more confident, happier, you are able to see things from higher and more positive perspectives,” says Biatto.

Biatto started singing, dancing, and acting at the age of three. Her love of music led to vocal lessons by the time she was seven. Biatto strived to be the kid that wanted to try everything.  She discovered her love of fitness through playing sports. Oddly enough, ice hockey gave her the opportunity to first combine her passions.

“I am known as ‘The Singing Goalie’ to my close friends and family,” recalled Biatto. “I used to sing the National Anthem in my goalie gear before my tournaments. I traveled all around the U.S. and Canada playing from age 12-18 and had some prestigious colleges scouting me, however, I tore my meniscus my senior year of high school.”

Biatto refused to let this obstacle defeat her. She continued to pursue her passion for singing, eventually earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the American Musical Dramatic Academy (AMDA) in Hollywood. She remained active within the gym to help train her friends on the side. At the gym she was constantly approached for personal trainer jobs.

“I decided to get my fitness certification and jump right in. Everything happens for a reason, so I ended up in LA, right where God wanted me to be,” says Biatto.

Many Los Angeles producers were not too keen on her dual professions at first.

“People kept telling me that I had to pick one and focus on one. Well, I didn’t want to. One day at the gym I put on my original music to listen to while I was working out and I was so motivated by my own words and feelings.  I then thought about all the artists’ lyrics I would listen to while I would train and then it hit me.  I wanna be the first Fitness Artist.”

PopFit offers a wide spectrum to create in. This genre is not limited to just peppy pop tunes.

Biatto explains, “I can sing you uptempo empowering songs for your warm-up, sprinkle in some dramatic rock uplifting singles throughout the workout while mixing in a couple pop ballads during rest periods, and then end with beautiful soulful ballads for a cool down and stretch."

Biatto’s lyrics feature a wide range of emotions but the baseline is “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” These lyrics are motivating; they promote self-love, hope, patience loyalty, trust and most importantly the power of love.

“My theory is the more people in this world that can learn to love themselves, know their worth and really appreciate the person God made them to be then their relationships are going to change; Relationships with their friends, with their families, with strangers and most importantly with their significant others.”

What type of workouts can we expect from PopFit?

Biatto explains,“I still have that youthful child in me who loves to do a little bit of everything so I dabble into all kinds of fit and healthy activities.  I will say that I absolutely love HIIT (high-intensity interval training), CST (cardio strength training) and sports drills.  My areas that I primarily focus on and excel with are; core strength, flexibility, posture, endurance, weight loss, good form during exercise and making fitness fun.”

Biatto plans for her concerts to be giant workouts, with herself leading the workouts while singing, with the help of back-up dancer/trainers in the background for the audiences to follow. The concerts will be held in the mornings so other artist competition is not going to be an issue. The concession stands will consist of healthy options; protein shakes, BCAA's, protein, and health, wellness and fitness vendors.

“I also would love to introduce a new group fitness class to gyms all over the world that would consist of a playlist of my music with some HIIT, CST and other types of workouts that you will see in my music videos. Speaking of music videos; they will not be Workout videos, they will be videos with healthy storylines that may include going through a break-up and storming off to the gym instead of the bar, breaking up and getting fit, arguing then sitting down to communicate instead of leaving, basically doing whatever it takes and living a happy and healthy life and portraying its benefits.”

Check out Briana Biatto's website to schedule a personal training session. 

Check out her ReverbNation page for more music.