Backstreet's Back -- In Vegas!

Written by Jessica Klausing


Oh my God, they’re back again!

Just as the “Backstreet Boys:  Larger Than Life” show came to a close in July, the boys announced more dates extending their Las Vegas residency to November, January, and February.  Fans bought these tickets so fast that it set the record as the fastest selling residency show in history.  Nick Carter, AJ McLean, Howie Dorough, Kevin Richardson, and Brian Littrell treat fans to a nostalgic two hour show packed with their chart topping hits, classic backstreet dances, and over-the-top theatrics.

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They sort you into groups at check in

They sort you into groups at check in

I was your typical Backstreet fangirl back in the 90s. I proudly owned all the BSB merchandise: CDs, books, comics, clothing, VHS specials, magazines, the Burger King toys, and the official Backstreet Boys: Around the World board game. You name it, I had it! My bedroom walls were completely covered with posters of my future husband at the time—Brian Littrell. I still remember crying tears of joy the day my mom surprised me with tickets to their sold out ‘Into the Millennium’ tour! Yes, I was THAT fangirl. Fast forward 17 years later—Backstreet’s in Vegas with meet n’ greet options. Say what!?! I knew I had to fulfill my 12 year old self’s biggest fantasy and meet my favorite boy band.

Love that snazzy BSB lamp on the food table.

Love that snazzy BSB lamp on the food table.

My adventure began at 3:30PM on Saturday, November 11, 2017. We were to check in at 5PM in front of The AXIS but I was convinced arriving obnoxiously early was a great idea. It was not such a great idea. I stood alone for a while. I tend to suffer from Pre-Concert Anxiety, so I get myself into this predicament a lot. One guy felt so sorry for me that he bought me a bottle of water. Eventually, about an hour later, others started lining up. I chatted with many fellow Backstreet diehard fans to get the inside scoop on the VIP instructions and the venue logistics, because Pre-Concert Anxiety…

Goofing around with the Brian BSBmoji

Goofing around with the Brian BSBmoji

Check in time started promptly at 4:55PM. We were given a VIP laminate and escorted upstairs into the VIP Lounge. The lounge was decked out in Christmas tree lights with 90’s music blaring out of the speakers. You could sit at a mini table or on a large beanbag chair. I think they were going for a swanky throwback nightclub vibe. Overall the lounge was cozy and very roomy. Even with 160 people, it never felt crowded. The snack table was well stocked with assorted candies, chips, and granola bars. Nothing appealed to me there. I did help myself to a free BSB embroidered napkin and koozie though.

 VIP members receive two free drink tickets to redeem at the bar. You get a choice of Pepsi, water, beer, or champagne. The bartender recommends the champagne. I happily concur! I didn’t take too many photos in the lounge due to the poor lighting. They do have a real nifty inflatable photo booth in the back. It comes with various BSBmojis on a stick. They held a raffle at the end of the meet n’ greet for a free ticket into the Backstreet Boys after party at the Chateau nightclub.

Feel the Backstreet love

Feel the Backstreet love

The Backstreet Boys arrived around 7PM for meet n’ greets. The staff had us split into three groups: A, B, and C. Groups were called one by one for the photos. This was a great idea rather than one huge line. Those of us with heels on were eternally grateful! Once I made my way to the front, I was told to talk to the first three boys, pose for the picture, and then talk to the last two boys. We were not allowed to bring our cellphones. They have a table for your personal items. I had a pleasant experience and did not feel rushed.

The boys are such amazing sweethearts! They truly do care about their fans and it really shows. I have never been to a more laidback meet n’ greet than Backstreet’s! They will accommodate your photo requests. I saw several people bring in various props for the boys. You can request certain poses and even choose to stand next to your favorite boy. I asked for a giant group hug and was not disappointed!

The AXIS theater at Planet Hollywood in Vegas.

The AXIS theater at Planet Hollywood in Vegas.

You can start lining up for the concert once your photo is finished. Those with seats/tables were told to follow security downstairs. The PIT folks were separated into two lines: Front of the Line Pass and regular PIT. I did not have a Front of the Line Pass. You really don’t need one. VIP members get first access into the theater. Keep that in mind. I went in behind all the FOTL people and still scored an amazing Main Stage front row spot.

Certain shows offer a Backstreet Boys after party at the Chateau nightclub. I did not go. My feet were killing me from standing in heels for over 9 hours (Yes, I’m aware of how incredibly lame that is). The nightclub has a strict dress code, and I never wanted to see my heels again after the concert. I have heard pleasant things about the after party. You’ll get a chance to take a selfie with 2-3 of the Backstreet Boys.  It’s much less structured than the meet n’ greet. You’ll need to pay for the Chateau VIP ticket if you want to mingle with the boys though.

Overall the “Backstreet Boys: Larger Than Life” experience is a must for any Backstreet fan! The residency ends in February. Get your tickets:



-Arrive early (4:30P is an ideal time).

-Don’t feel bad if you are going alone. Trust me. Backstreet fans are super nice and chill. You’ll make lots of new friends in no time.

-VIP is a lot of ‘hurry up and wait.’ Be prepared to stand for several hours, especially if you have PIT tickets! You may want to consider dressing comfortably.

-Take a deep breath. The boys are very kind to their fans. You don’t get too much time to mingle with them, so have your questions and/or comments ready. (P.S. AJ and Kevin give the best hugs!).

-Walk, don’t run! I know it’s tempting for the PIT folks but security does not play. They will move you to the back of the line.

-Try not to stand in front of the Catwalk. Honestly, there is not a bad spot in the venue. The band tries to reach out and engage as many fans as possible. You’ll just have a higher chance of more Backstreet interaction from the Main Stage and Second Stage.

-You don’t necessarily have to get the Front of the Line Pass. VIP members get first access into the theater. You’re guaranteed a prime spot in the PIT.

-Make sure to get your drinks and/ or go to the restroom before the theater doors open. These shows always sell out. The PIT gets full quick! You don’t want to lose your spot.

-Don’t push other fans and/or throw personal items on the stage. Security will kick you out.

-Have fun! The experience is what you make of it.

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Next year marks Backstreet's 25th anniversary. Over 130 million records sold worldwide has earned BSB the title of the best selling boy band of all time. The boys are still going as strong as ever. No tour dates have been announced yet. You can still catch their Las Vegas residency from November until February 2018.

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