Static and Surrender @ Hollywood's Hotel Cafe


Static and Surrender are on tour throughout California in honor of their debut album release. Their energetic riffs and rhythms are on par with the alternative superstar acts such as Lifehouse and Matchbox Twenty. Jeff Campbell (lead vocals, guitar) backed by John Schuman (drums), Adam Schuman (guitar, vocals), and Lauren Stockner (bass player) – all stars in their own right – delivered a passionate performance at Hollywood’s Hotel Café.


Check out Static and Surrender’s debut album. If you get the chance to see them live, do it! Very few artists have that special knack to sound better live than in the studio. Static and Surrender is definitely one of those bands that kick it up a notch in the live shows.

Interview with Megan Slankard

Megan Slankard performs with the Bose Troubadour. Photo by Jessica Klausing

Megan Slankard performs with the Bose Troubadour. Photo by Jessica Klausing

I have heard Megan Slankard's name echoed throughout the Bay Area music scene for many years. It was not until early this year that I was properly introduced to her music. Oh boy, have I really been missing out! Her heartfelt ballads are perfect for anyone that appreciates thought provoking lyrics and a little soulful guitar.

Megan, alongside Jeff Campbell, Matthew Szlachetka and Jamie Kent did a special writers-in-the-round tour across the country known as the Bose Troubadour Tour. I caught a show on one of their stops at the Hotel Cafe in Hollywood. This was my first experience at an "in the round" performance as well. My expectations were met and then some more. These talented friends provide honest lyrics with beautiful harmonies. All worth checking out!

I was able to chat with Megan after the tour about Patreon, the Bose Troubadour Tour, and her experience as a young, indie artist. You can check out my interview HERE.

Megan Slankard is currently on an American solo tour. You can buy her music and check out the tour dates on her website. She will play Hotel Cafe in Hollywood, CA on October 23rd. Tickets can be purchased HERE.

You can support Megan on her Patreon page right HERE.

Below is a video of Megan performing "Like Always, Alex" on one of the Bose Troubadour stops. This is my favorite song and what inspired me to check out her music.