SONG REVIEW: Justin Levinson - "I'll Make It In Hollywood"

Written by Jessica Klausing


Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Justin Levinson’s new single “I’ll Make It In Hollywood” promises he’ll do just that. Coupling the ambition to ‘make it big’ in the entertainment industry with doo-wop harmonies and touches of 60’s pop and soul, Levinson embodies the spirit of the struggling underdog: “I’ve been so tired lately/LA can wear you down sometimes/Working for survival while you try to keep your dreams alive.”

“I’ll Make It In Hollywood” is an endearing ballad that instantly soothes a soul, lifts a mood, and inspires a weary mind. The song strikes an inspirational chord of determination to overcome life’s obstacles and see a dream fulfilled. This track follows up his 2017 release, Yes Man.

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