SONG REVIEW: Justin Levinson - "I'll Make It In Hollywood"

Written by Jessica Klausing


Los Angeles based singer-songwriter Justin Levinson’s new single “I’ll Make It In Hollywood” promises he’ll do just that. Coupling the ambition to ‘make it big’ in the entertainment industry with doo-wop harmonies and touches of 60’s pop and soul, Levinson embodies the spirit of the struggling underdog: “I’ve been so tired lately/LA can wear you down sometimes/Working for survival while you try to keep your dreams alive.”

“I’ll Make It In Hollywood” is an endearing ballad that instantly soothes a soul, lifts a mood, and inspires a weary mind. The song strikes an inspirational chord of determination to overcome life’s obstacles and see a dream fulfilled. This track follows up his 2017 release, Yes Man.

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Interview with Justin Levinson

Growing up, 60's music was a staple in my household. While all the other kids followed 90's artists, I was engrossed with the classics.  I can fondly remember listening to The Monkees, The Beatles, and The Beach Boys on the way to school. There was such purity in the music back then. The focus was all about the lyrics and instrumentals. Sadly, this innocence is lost within most of today's top hits.

Justin Levinson is one of the few musicians that dare to dig back into the golden era of music. His newest album, Yes Man is a 60's stylized power pop that tells the story of a lost soul taken advantage by only being able to say yes. Levinson draws from his own personal experiences to make music that's authentic to him.

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