ALBUM REVIEW: Jamie Alimorad - This Is Tomorrow Calling

By Jessica Klausing


Singer-songwriter Jamie Alimorad returns with his newest album, This Is Tomorrow Calling. Teaming up with legendary producers Gino and Ross Vannelli, this adult contemporary pop-rock album showcases beautiful instrumentation and Alimorad’s powerful vocal range.

The uplifting opener, “Brighter Days” sends a message of hope to anyone struggling with their inner demons. “When living’s hard and you think you’re better off dead/This is tomorrow calling, there are brighter days ahead.” Alimorad wrote the song in honor of a friend who had attempted suicide. It’s a cheerful pop-rock tune that will lift your mood and bring you to your feet to rejoice. The song is currently being used to help bring awareness to and raise funds for the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. You can purchase the Brighter Days t-shirts through TeePublic, with all proceeds going to the AFSP.

The tempo slows down with the bittersweet, harmonica-brooding “Down On Golden Shores.” Alimorad reflects on the past with, “My Alex was so full of life/ I thought someday to make her my wife/ But the world is full of best-laid plans/ Made by sea and golden sands.”

The standout track, “Not Ready to Say Goodbye,” thrives wonderfully on vibrant and zesty Santana-esque guitar rhythms, while Alimorad belts out pitch-perfect crescendos, on letting us know that he’s in this relationship for the long haul.

“I am Home” delves deep into Alimorad’s emotional songwriting with touching lyrics and delicate guitar while the piano meanders wistfully throughout the track. “Rock Me to Heaven” follows as another tender pop ballad that’ll warm your heart with its sweet lyrics and gentle acoustic guitar.

“Lucky Me” has a surprisingly swanky element with funky guitar riffs and hand drum rhythms as Alimorad recounts falling in love with a toxic woman. “The two best days of my life: One was finding her/ Oh; the second was losing her/ Lucky me.”

“How Could I Love Again?” is melancholic and heartbreaking. Elegant piano accompaniment and emotional vocals accompany a distant, pining guitar. The piano-adorned, “A Moment Is All I Ask,” is an emotional track with a loving, swooning melody with which Alimorad expresses his desire to prove his worth to a girl. It’s reminiscent of a Barry Manilow song.

This is Tomorrow Calling is a heartwarming album filled with sublime musicianship. Passion radiates off every track. It’s perfect for anyone who enjoys easy-listening and solid, relatable songwriting.

Recommended Tracks: “Brighter Days,” “Not Ready to Say Goodbye,” “I am Home,” and “A Moment Is All I Ask.”