Coby Brown @ Hollywood's Hotel Cafe

Coby Brown performs at Hotel Cafe. Photo by Jessica Klausing.

Coby Brown performs at Hotel Cafe. Photo by Jessica Klausing.

Coby Brown treated fans to a beautiful, laid-back set in the intimate Second Stage Room at Hollywood’s Hotel Café on Thursday.

Brown is no stranger to the Hollywood music scene. He’s a composer and songwriter who’s had his work featured in numerous films and TV shows; most recently he completed the score for the biopic, “The Man Who Knew Infinity.” 

Brown is an acoustic folk artist, but more importantly, he’s a keen observer able to capture the singer-songwriter genre in the personal stories the lyrics tell, and the sensitive, emotional accompaniment of his band.


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YARN @ NYC's American Beauty

Yarn photo by Todd Chalfant

Yarn photo by Todd Chalfant

Yarn played NYC's American Beauty last night. Check out our review HERE.

Yarn is an Americana band from Brooklyn, New York. The band formed in Brooklyn back in the mid 2000's and started playing shows in New York City every Monday night at Kenny's Castaways and every Wednesday night at Hill Country BBQ.

Yarn consists of Blake Christiana (Acoustic Guitar and Lead Vocals), Rod Hohl (Electric Guitar and Backing Vocals), Trevor MacArthur (Acoustic Guitar and Backing Vocals), Rick Bugel (Upright Bass), and Bobby Bonhomme (Drums).

Yarn shows are a bit different from the norm. The band feeds off the energy of the crowd and plays whatever they feel like playing. They don't use a setlist. It's crazy but makes for a unique one of a kind experience. Some songs clock in at three minutes and others clock in at 20 minutes. It could be a sing along, classic country, or even disco.

Yarn mixes a lot of different musical styles to create their signature sound. They don't follow any trends or write top 40 hits. They just do their own thing. They sound like they came out in 1972 rather then 2017. The band follows the Grateful Dead with epically long jam sessions. The best way to describe it is to go out to their shows and experience it for yourself.