SONG REVIEW: Rob Drabkin - "It's A Beautiful Day"

By Wanda Whitley

Rob Drabkin.

Rob Drabkin.

Without even one glance out of a window, this latest single from artist Rob Drabkin lets you know what the weather is. 

“It’s a Beautiful Day” is so positive and uplifting, you may not even need that morning Cup of Joe to get you going. The guitar is very pretty, and Rob’s lyrics are just so smooth and soothing. As the song pleasantly soars you into the chorus, you want to get up and take that deep breath – breathe in all of the joy of this beautiful day. And you can just feel the sun on your face as you listen and take in this day that Rob has created and shares with you, feeling more than okay as you sing along with this anthem of celebrating today.

Although his musical talents make it easy to believe he’s always been a full-time musician, Rob attended Trinity University in San Antonio, TX, where he graduated with a degree in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology with the intention of becoming a doctor. His focus quickly changed after a family trip to New York to reconnect with his father’s old musician friends. After that moment, Rob knew he wanted to pursue a career in the music industry. His song, “Someday” has already a spot on major Spotify playlists and in just one month, the single accumulated over two million plays from listeners around the world. I think we can agree that Rob made a great choice in a career change.

Clap your hands, move to the beat, and enjoy the vibrant horn arrangement - just drink in the fun of this celebration of life!  And like a day that is as truly beautiful as this musical creation, as Rob tells us in his song - “whatever you do, don’t let it go, don’t let it get away!”  No worries, Mr. Drabkin, we promise we will hit replay on this one! 

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