EP REVIEW: Drake Bell - Honest

Written by Jessica Klausing


Drake Bell returns with an eclectic pop sound for his new EP, Honest. The former Nickelodeon star aims to branch out from his trademark rockabilly swagger to something more “light and fun.” This EP is just that, and more thought provoking than any of Bell’s previous releases.

The first track, the titular “Honest” is a wear-your-heart-on-a-sleeve romantic confessional with “Spread your love like a wildfire/Wanna breath you in like smoke/Why do I have to let you go?/Not saying I’m perfect/At least I’m honest.” The melody sounds like something off of the Kings of Leon’s Only by the Night album (I get the “Use Somebody” vibes here).

“Leaves” follows with an electronic percussion before sonically evolving into ambient transcendence. Bell bares vulnerability as he asks, “Is it brave to be this honest?”  The tender lyricism displays a beautiful and empathetic charm to this song.  

“Run Away” has a driving rhythm that is highly addictive. It’s a fun, road trip anthem about two young lovers running away together. Bell takes us along for the ride as he sings, “Sometimes we don’t need to run/We don’t need to hide/Don’t need to take our time when it’s on our side/Live life by the minute.”

Closing out the EP is “Rewind” which offers a valuable life lesson to worry less and live more. Bell croons about a woman constantly worrying about her boyfriend rather than enjoy life. “He can’t answer every time that you call/’Making something so big out of something so small.” What the song captures so effectively is the raw emotion and angst that comes from regret, the inevitable fate of human existence.  

Honest is a sonically brilliant EP and well worth the three year wait since Ready Steady Go! Drake Bell has grit complimented with a whole lot of heart. Every song has a different feel, there’s self-reflection and a psychedelic sensibility that’s blended effortlessly.

Recommended Tracks: “Leaves” and “Run Away.”