Brunch in LA - WKNDR

Written by Jessica Klausing

 Photo credit by Wendy D.

 Photo credit by Wendy D.

WKNDR (an abbreviation of the word, 'Weekender') is Los Feliz's newest brunch spot. The cafe is a tiny hole in the wall on North Vermont Avenue, smack dab in between the vintage Los Feliz movie theater and Skylight Books.

How tiny is this place? We highly recommend going solo or as a couple. A party of three or more will have a difficult time finding seating here. The inside dons a few barstools and tables, while the outside has slightly more tables and chairs. 

The founder, Joshua Pourgol, happens to be the man behind Tacos Tu Madre, just a few blocks away from WKNDR. Pourgol and his team may not serve breakfast burritos at WKNDR, but they do focus mostly on vegan, glutton free pastries, healthy breakfast alternatives, and a delightful assortment of milk teas and coffee.

Japanese Air Pancakes photo by Jessica Klausing

Japanese Air Pancakes photo by Jessica Klausing

Food - Japanese Air Pancakes

Cost - $12

The Japanese Air Pancakes are WKNDR's signature dish. The cafe serves up three thick pancakes adorned with strawberries, raspberries, dragon fruit, coconut shavings, and pistachios. You're given a small cup of real maple syrup to pour onto the pancakes. 

I found the pancakes to be a bit too crunchy and grainy for me. I think cornmeal may have been used as an ingredient. I don't have anything against cornmeal, but I generally prefer my pancakes to be light and fluffy. However, the fruit composite and syrup complimented the pancakes well. It was not too overly sweet. 

Honey Lavender Latte photo by Jessica Klausing

Honey Lavender Latte photo by Jessica Klausing

Drink - Honey Lavender Latte

Cost - $6

The drink menu has many wild assortments of milk teas, tonics, and coffees (Salty Oreo Milk Tea, anyone?). The Matcha Rose Latte and the Honey Lavender Latte are the most popular choices. I found the Honey Lavender to be comfort in a cup. The latte was served at a divine temperature with the lavender blend brewed to perfection. It has a gentle floral flair without tasting like bath soap (a common disappointment with many floral teas and coffees).

Final thoughts - I found the atmosphere to be quite relaxing. The streets nearby do not get a lot of traffic so it's a nice little outdoor area to sit and chat with a friend. The service was quick and friendly. No complaints there. I will definitely return for the drinks not so much for the food. The food is a bit overpriced for a lackluster taste.

Ratings  - 3 out of 5 stars.

Recommended Listening - "Banana Pancakes" - Jack Johnson.

Yes, I'm fully aware that banana pancakes are not served at this location. :( The song itself is a laid back tune that would make a great addition to any brunch playlist.