National Wine Day 2018

Written by Jessica Klausing

Photo by Jessica Klausing

Photo by Jessica Klausing

Happy National Wine Day!

I picked up a bottle of the Red Decadence Chocolate Wine just for the holiday. The thought of chocolate flavored alcohol never really appealed to me. This wine, in particular, had very high ratings so I decided to give it a try. It turned out to be my new favorite dessert wine.

The Red Decadence Chocolate Wine swirls the flavors of black cherry, blueberry, and plum into the dark chocolate. The wine boasts a rich chocolate and cherry aroma that is sure to lift any chocolate lovers spirits! The beauty of this wine is that the combination of red cabernet and chocolate is not too overly sweet. The dry red blend balances out the sweetness perfectly. It's a soft dessert wine with a smooth finish. 

Red Decadence Chocolate Wine

Listening Pleasure - I put on Jordan Reyne's The Annihilation Sequence while sipping a glass of my wine. Her music is a steampunk evolution into a much darker folk genre. Reyne exhibits a sexy and menacing vocal dexterity that's brilliantly layered over with industrial loops. It's not all a pleasant mechanical soundscape though. Reyne proves there is more that meets the eye or ear, rather. Listeners are pulled into a dystopia ruled by paranoia and a sense of hopelessness.