Drink Of The Day: "Get Out" @ Ever Bar

Written by Jessica Klausing

Get out cocktail drink photo by Jessica Klausing

Get out cocktail drink photo by Jessica Klausing

Type: 2018 Oscars inspired cocktail

Cost: $15

Ingredients: Capurro Moscatel Pisco, Appleton Estate Rum, Velvet Falmum, Lemongrass, Heavy Cream, Egg White, Soda Water. Served with a bowl of Froot Loops.

For a limited time - Ever Bar is serving up 2018 Oscars movie inspired drinks. Whether you wash down a bathtub of vodka for “Shape of Water,” toast “The Post” with a coaster of The Washington Post or give a shout out to “Get Out” with a drink and Froot Loops, fun will be had with friends at this delightful bar.

“Get Out” is a frothy lemon refresher. Chase it down with a handful of Foot Loops and the taste resembles a much less sour version of Starbuck’s Unicorn Frappucino. “Get Out” is a satirical horror film about an African American man’s infamous weekend with his white girlfriend and her family. Let’s sit back and raise a glass to Jordan Peele’s Original Screenplay winner of 2018!

Recommended Listening - "Sikiliza Kwa Wahenga" - Michael Abels

According to an interview with POPSUGAR, Jordan Peele says that the song is "Swahili, actually. I was into this idea of distinctly black voices and black musical references, so it's got some African influences, and some bluesy things going on, but in a scary way, which you never really hear. African-American music tends to have, at the very least, a glimmer of hope to it — sometimes full-fledged hope. I wanted Michael Abels, who did the score, to create something that felt like it lived in this absence of hope but still had [black roots]." 

Nestled inside The Kimpton Everly Hotel is Hollywood’s newest contemporary bar. Don’t be fooled by the Hollywood hipster décor! Ever Bar boasts a cozy, laidback living room vibe with ample personal space. The eclectic cocktail menu features a playful spin on the classics such as “Bone, Thighs, and Harmony” Millionaire and “Bananas in Pajamas” Scorpion.


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