CONCERT REVIEW: Foxtrax Celebrates EP Release at Molly Malone's

By Jessica Klausing


Jon Stenz(drums), Ben Schneid (vocals/guitar) and Jared Stenz (bass) of FoxTrax   

Jon Stenz(drums), Ben Schneid (vocals/guitar) and Jared Stenz (bass) of FoxTrax


What does the FoxTrax band say?

They say it with plenty of self-motivating lyrics fused with blues driven guitars and a classic rock N’ roll vibe that results in a new indie pop sound. It’s organic and unique.

Ben Schneid (vocals/guitar), Jon Stenz (drums) and Jared Stenz (bass) celebrated the release of their new EP, “The Cabin” at Molly Malone's in Los Angeles last night.

Their EP and band name was inspired after a trip to North Carolina. The band was staying at a cabin in the mountains in hopes of finding musical inspiration. What the band found were fox tracks in the snow that led them to their name and life philosophy—“follow your foxtrax.”

It’s hard to believe that these guys have only made music for a year now. This Long Island trio sound like seasoned professionals that have toured together for a decade.

Ben Schneid   photo by Jessica Klausing

Ben Schneid
photo by Jessica Klausing

The band kicked off the night with “Feeling Alright.” Just imagine an electric blend of Foster The People, The Doors and Graham Colton Band.

During the second song, “Indie Rocker B,” Schneid encouraged the audience to clap, dance and move in closer to the stage. They were determined to make sure the audience had as much fun as they did that night.

 “This next song will show you where we came from,” said Schneid.

“Go It Alone” is about leaving the past behind you and going out in the world to do something great--Much like the band did as they left New York to pursue their dreams in Los Angeles.

“I grew up with all these houses on my street/ Each one looked the same/ Now I yearn so hard to get out on my feet/ So I run, to where it’s calling for me.”

You can feel the honesty in Schneid’s delivery. His rhythm guitar accompanies the soulful bass with the steady drum beats. The best part is nothing was overdone here. No flashing bells and whistles to drive the point. This was three musicians sharing an intimate part of their lives.

“Last Chance Blues,” “Dark of the Night” and “Everything’s Changing” follows the bluesy alternative theme of longing for something better.

“On the Run” was a grittier tune while “Waiting for You” and “City of Lights” shows off more of the band's classic rock arrangements.

Jon Stenz photo by Jessica Klausing

Jon Stenz
photo by Jessica Klausing

Not only talented musicians but they proved to be quite the shows men as well.

Drummer Jon Stenz would twirl and toss his drumsticks in the air like a Color Guard from a marching band, Schneid would leap from the drum stand on occasion and at one point Bassist Jared Stenz was able to squat down on his heels during a solo without missing a chord!

These guys were quick like foxes so no photo was able to be caught of these zany stage antics.

The biggest highlight of the night was “Underwater.” The band just finished shooting a two day music video in the desert for this song. This song stood out among the others with its beautiful ambient vocal echoes and psychedelic bass chords.

Foxtrax closed out the night with “I’ll Be Back For You.” With their mature attention to detail and desire to incorporate the new with the classics—Foxtrax will be back.

Jared Stenz   photo by Jessica Klausing

Jared Stenz
photo by Jessica Klausing

The band made you feel you like you were in their living room while they played songs for their closest friends. With their charming demeanor and their inspiring lyrics, I left the venue wanting to follow my own foxtrax.

Feeling Alright
Indie Rocker B
Go It Alone
Last Chance Blues
Waiting For You
Dark Of The Night
On The Run
Everything’s Changing
City of Lights
I’ll Be Back For You