SONG REVIEW: Yona Marie - "My Soulful Baby"

By Wanda Whitley

Yona Marie.

Yona Marie.

Okay, folks.  First, I cannot tell you how relaxed and chill I am right now.  Listening to Yona Marie’s new single, "My Soulful Baby" has de-stressed me (can I say to the max)? 

In 2010, R&B artist Rachel Marie Moore AKA Yona Marie first gained mainstream popularity by releasing 'The Luv Exposure' featuring artists, producers, and singers from all over the world. The lead single was featured on a Majormix release which included Chris Brown, Ace Hood, and Tyga.

Marie followed up with the release of "High," a 90's styled instrumental garnering over 100,000 listeners and 20,000 downloads. In 2014, Marie released her full length album, "Reminiscent" which eventually led her to collaborate with EDM producer Eli in 2016 to create the viral track, "Just Wanna Love You" which hit over half a millions plays between Spotify, Youtube, and Soundcloud.

Marie's soothing, soulful voice is such a balm to the soul.  And what a song!  With hints of Diana Ross’s voice, and such sensuality flowing from her heart-felt words that I am put into the mind of hearing a female version of some of Barry White’s work, Yona Marie is indeed a multi-talented artist. 

The musical arrangement is very cool and smooth - the keyboards and groovy guitars and the beat just carries "My Soulful Baby" onto the dance floor for a romantic slow dance.  The music to this song, along with the lyrics, takes me back to another time – a time when this world cared a little more and loved a little more. Thanks, Yona Marie, for helping bring us back to this time with your beautiful love song.