Interview with Courtney Lavender of Xs & ARROWs

Xs & ARROWs photo by Zoran Orlic.

Xs & ARROWs photo by Zoran Orlic.

 Xs & ARROWs are about to take over the Los Angeles music scene. You may remember the band, formerly known as EXIT, joining U2 on stage in 2001 and again in 2005 at the Staples Center for a legendary performance of “Out of Control.”

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Xs & ARROWs offer a unique acoustic rock soundscape that seems to marry the California desert to the spirit of Ireland. Their debut EP, From Here will be available in October 2017. The new single, “Questions,” featuring Irish musician Glen Hansard, is currently available to stream on Soundcloud.

U2 on The Joshua Tree tour

The Edge photo by Harlene Dryden.

The Edge photo by Harlene Dryden.

U2 is currently on tour this summer celebrating the 30th anniversary of The Joshua Tree and performing the album in full from start to finish.

Yes, you read correctly!

These Irish rockers are performing their landmark 1987 album at a city near you. Songs like "Red Hill Mining Town" are finally getting played live. This is not a drill!

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Not a fan of standing around in line all day? Check out the VIP package. VIP members get early access into the venue, free food and beverages (Alcohol is not free), and a raffle for a chance at winning a backstage tour (I was one number off from winning! ONE!) and The Edge's guitar strings (They make stylish bracelets and necklaces).